How to Pick up girls in Chinese

How to daygame in Chinese

pick up in chinese is 搭訕 (da1shan4)

I know a lot of western guys in Taiwan who have the guts to approach girls in the daytime and pick them up, but often times their chinese isn’t good enough to have some success from it. 

I thought i’d share a few useful phrases in Chinese to help you get started. 

Some fun openers:

hei, ni shi wo kan guo zui keai de lanse xiao jingling

hey! you are the cutest little smurf I have ever seen!

That’s fun if she is wearing blue or for any reason reminds you of a smurf.

hi, ni kan qi lai hen you qu wo yao dashan ni

Hi, you look intersting, I want to pick you up.

wa, ni chang de chao ji xiang wo weilai de nvpengyou

wow! you look like my future girlfriend! 

That’s obviously just a playful joke, and i’ve seen it get some positive reactions.




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